New Horizons for Aeroplan

Building upon its foundation of innovation and dedication to excellence, Aeroplan has taken a significant leap forward through strategic partnerships and investor capital infusion. In a transformative move, Aeroplan has joined forces with Per Jensen and Bo Vincents, two eminent figures in the Danish aviation and computer software industries, as co-owners. This strategic collaboration brings together the visionary leadership and expertise of Per Jensen and Bo Vincents, propelling Aeroplan into a new era of growth and success.

With a shared passion for revolutionizing safety management, reporting, and document management, this partnership has unlocked vast potential for Aeroplan’s future development. The combined insights and resources of the co-owners have already resulted in further advancements in the company’s product offerings and market reach.

As we embark on this exciting chapter in Aeroplan’s journey, we remain committed to our core values of agility, compliance, and customer-centricity. With Per Jensen and Bo Vincents by our side, Aeroplan is poised to soar to new horizons, delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower aviation professionals and organizations worldwide. As we navigate the skies of innovation and progress, we invite you to be part of our journey and witness the transformative impact of Aeroplan in the years to come.