Transform Your Aviation Operations

In the dynamic world of aviation, compliance holds the key to safety and operational excellence. Meet Aeroplan, a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for Air Operators and Maintenance Facilities. Founded in 2009 by aviation enthusiast Ken Engels Henriksen, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize safety management and reporting in the aviation industry.

Driven by a deep understanding of aviation challenges and a passion for seamless system design, we have crafted a suite of products to empower professionals in handling critical information.

Our love of aviation and dedication to excellence have led us to develop four powerful products that cater to the diverse needs of the aviation industry. From prioritizing safety management and compliance to revolutionizing document handling and manual creation, our suite of solutions empowers aviation professionals to excel in a dynamic and demanding industry.

Join us as we delve into the details of each product and discover how Aeroplan is transforming the way aviation operates for the better.

Elevate Safety, Slash Costs: Exclusive Offer for Flight Schools!

For a limited time, flight schools with aircraft weighing below two tonnes can enjoy a staggering 75% discount on our Safety Management and Compliance Software.

These powerful tools simplify incident reporting, ensures regulatory compliance, and fosters a culture of safety within your operation.


For Stakeholders Everywhere

Experience the power of a comprehensive document management system designed to revolutionize the way you handle critical information. With robust security features and efficient revision history tracking, CONTROLLED DOCS offers unparalleled benefits for data protection and streamlined workflows in the aviation industry.

  • Request confirmation of reading and comprehension

  • Enhance security with granular access permissions

  • Maintain efficient version control with comprehensive revision history

Experience the next level of document management.


Elevate your Audit Management to the Next Level

Experience the power of Aeroplan COMPLIANCE and revolutionize your audit management practices by taking proactive steps towards enhanced compliance, risk management and operational performance.

  • Thorough risk analysis for proactive risk management

  • Customization for tailored audits

  • Effective communication and notification

See how to take your audits to the next level.


Effortless Manual Creation and Collaboration

Aeroplan MANUALS is the ultimate solution for efficient manual creation and management. With automated formatting, collaboration features, reader engagement mechanisms and convenient distribution options, the creation process is streamlined, ensuring professional results and enhanced engagement for aircrews.

  • Automated formatting for professional results

  • Collaboration and version control made easy

  • Engage readers with interactive feedback mechanisms

Ready to Embrace the Future of Aviation Management?

Take the first step on a journey towards streamlined operations and enhanced safety today.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Aviation Management?

Take the first step towards streamlined operations and enhanced safety. Embark on a journey towards a more efficient and compliant future.


Seamless Reporting Anywhere, Anytime

The dedicated SAFETY MANAGEMENT iPad app enables pilots to conveniently submit reports even in offline scenarios. This allows for capturing and documenting incidents or observations as they happen, ensuring critical data is securely stored within the app and later uploaded to the cloud when internet connectivity is available.

  • For Apple iPad OS 14.0 and up

  • Works on iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro

  • Continuously updated through the App Store

Learn more about our Safety Management software.

Elevate Your Document Management and Safety Processes

Discover the power of Aeroplan’s cutting-edge solutions tailored to the aviation industry. Streamline your document management, enhance safety reporting, and revolutionize your operational efficiency with our feature-rich software. Take control of critical information and elevate your organization’s performance to new heights.

Why you should choose Aeroplan

  • Comprehensive Safety Management and Reporting

  • Version Control with Comprehensive Revision History
  • Robust Audit Program Management with Customization for Tailored Audits

  • User-Friendly iPad App for On-the-Go Access

  • 10+ Years of Helping Aviation Businesses with Compliance and Document Management