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Ever since the notion of Flight Safety was introduced as a fundamental requirement, aviation has continuously strived for improvements. Those improvements include Piloting, Technology, Maintenance Programs, Air Traffic Control, and Human Factors. In recent years, the focus at ICAO has been directed toward Safety Management Systems. Today SMS is a regulatory requirement, which Commercial Airlines must apply throughout their entire organization. SMS will enhance the systemic process and bring performance into compliance.

In other words, when one part of the organization is affected negatively, Flight Safety may be jeopardized.

The SMS Module cannot function as a stand-alone module!

It is interlinked to, but not limited to, inputs from the Aeroplan Reporting Module and Aeroplan Compliance Module. In this way, the SMS Module functions as a data integrator and is a part of the company’s Safety Management System.

Features of the SMS Module.

The module is web based and the administrator interface is user friendly and with a performance-based design enabling the administrator to compile data with safety-related issues.

The SMS Module manages specific safety data monitoring, as defined by management.

The SMS Module includes:

  • Full Risk Analysis
  • Risk Grid Analysis
  • Safety Summary Reports
  • Safety Performance Indicators

Functionalities of the SMS Module.

The module provides several options to facilitate semi-automated functions, which are managed by the administrator. These options include:

  • Import of data from Aeroplan Reporting Module
  • Options for automated imports of specific reports, for example Flight Safety Reports
  • Import of data from Aeroplan Compliance Module, including findings with safety-related issues
  • Import of data from other departments for Performance Monitoring
  • Creation of Safety Cases, with references to several related reports
  • Creation and management of Safety Performance Indicators
  • Creation of Safety Statistics
  • Compilation of data for frequently Safety Summary Reports

The SMS Module Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) display can be customized on request.

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