Since the early days of aviation reporting, it’s been critical to review deviations to understand how the operations were performed. Over time, Regulatory Requirements were introduced. Today, Occurrence Reporting is the backbone in performance monitoring, providing supplementary information by those involved.

The faster and more accurate the reports are, the better the organization can act and establish corrective actions.

The Report Module can either function as a stand-alone module, or be interlinked to the Aeroplan SMS Module, and thus be an integrated part of the Safety Management System.

Features of the Report Module.

The module is web based and has two interfaces: an administrator interface and a reporter interface. Both interfaces are user friendly and use a performance-based design, enabling the administrator and the reporter to execute their tasks in a timely and effective manner.

The available reports are in compliance with Regulatory Requirements and are fully compatible with the standards of European Coordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS).

An iPad solution for reporting provides integration with an Electronic Flight Bag.

Occurrence Reports include:

  • Flight Safety Report
  • Air Traffic Incident Report
  • Technical Safety Report
  • Bird Strike Report
  • Dangerous Goods Report

Operator's specific reports can be:
  • Voyage Reports
  • Voyage Reports
  • Cabin Safety Reports
  • Hazard Reports
  • Fatigue Reports

Functionalities of the Report Module.

This module provides several options to facilitate semi-automated functions, which are controlled by the administrator:

  • Automated report submission to the Authorities 72 hours after occurrence
  • De-identified report delivery to key personnel
  • Options for automated transfer of safety reports to the SMS Module

The administrator has options for handling the report process according to each type of report. One option is attaching supplemental information to specific reports.

The reporter can see the status of the submitted report and get feedback when the report has been assessed by the responsible person.

The Report Module can be interlinked to the SMS Module for data delivery to the SMS Safety Performance indicators. In this way, report statistics will automatically be a part of the Safety Management System, enabling the organization to act on trend deviations.

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