In aviation, producing and issuing company manuals is a classic discipline. This effort has traditionally consumed many man hours – and it still does. But the requirements to the structure and content of the manuals have changed dramatically in the last decade. Strict Regulatory Requirements have stipulated operational standards, which must be documented and implemented in the daily operations.

The manuals of contemporary commercial airlines must not only have effective means to produce and maintain “the books,” but must ensure that the manuals are in compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, these standards are implemented throughout the organization.

The Manual Module can either function as a stand-alone module, or be interlinked to the Aeroplan Compliance Module and thus be an integrated part of the Safety Management System.

Features of the Manual Module.

The module is web based. The administrator interface is comprehensive and user friendly, and includes a performance-based design enabling the administrator to effectively establish and maintain the specific manuals.

The Manual Module is iPad-compatible.

It comprises integrated access to EU Database with the current Law text, including Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material for cross-references, when auditing the Manuals.

aeroplan provides several editorials options, including:

  • Automated indexing and referencing
  • Automated Track Changes revision marks
  • Automated Revision Log
  • Customized design
  • Multiple user function
  • Software that may be integrated with Electronic Flight Bag and/or company intranet

Functionalities of the Manual Module.

The module has several options to facilitate editing based on predefined templates, including:

  • Page layout
  • Headings, sub-headings, and fonts
  • Import of text and pictures
  • Table design
  • Links to other documents
  • Links to law text references
  • Revision status
  • Electronic Authority approval of the manual

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