To be in compliance was once “The Objective” in aviation. Compliance ensured that the organization operated according to Regulatory Requirements. In today’s increasingly demanding and complex environments, to merely be “in compliance” is simply not sufficient for safe operations.

Compliance Monitoring must be seen in relation to other performance criteria as well, and be seen as a mandatory requirement never to be compromised.

The Compliance Module can either function as a stand-alone module, or be interlinked to the Aeroplan Safety Management System SMS Module and to Aeroplan Manual Module and thus be an integrated part of the Safety Management System.

Features of the Compliance Module.

The module is web-based. The administrator interface is user friendly and has a performance-based design, enabling the administrator to effectively execute the Audit administration.

It comprises entire EU database including Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material. The Compliance Module is delivered with a Question Bank containing about 4,500 questions. The module is also Enhanced IOSA compatible, with complete references to IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices, IOSA Standard and Recommended Practices (ISARP), and Guidance Material by means of a separate menu.

aeroplan provides several administrative options:

  • Full Risk Analysis
  • Audit program management
  • Audit assessments
  • Customized audit checklist
  • Audit risk analysis
  • Auditee notification
  • Audit findings’ notification
  • Audit report preparation
  • Audit statistics
  • Audit report completion
  • Audit report filing

Functionalities of the Compliance Module.

The module provides several options to facilitate semi-automated functions, which are controlled by the administrator, including:

  • Audit checklist editorials enabling customized versions
  • Audit program management: planning, monitoring, and due date notifications
  • Auditee registration, notification, feedback, and closure
  • Auditor option for upload of additional information, such as pictures and documents
  • Audit PDF report, including risk assessment and statistical compilation

The administrator communicates with Auditee through the module and provides a link to the Audit Data base, where the findings are closed and recorded.

The Compliance Module can be interlinked to:
  • the SMS Module for data delivery to the SMS Safety Performance Indicators, thus being a part a part of the Safety Management System.
  • This allows the organization to act proactively on trend deviations.
  • the Manual Module for EU and IOSA references, and compliance issues
  • options for direct auditing of Manuals with links to respective chapters

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